About Unit 374

Unit 374 is part of District 17 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) .

It is located at 8616 Northeastern Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112 (get driving directions), within the Duke City Bridge Club Center.

The mission of Unit 374 is to promote, grow and sustain the game of bridge and serve the bridge-related interests of ACBL Members in Central New Mexico. We also:

  • host a semi annual sectional events for all levels of players
  • host an annual Regional tournament
  • offer opportunities for learning and improving duplicate bridge playing skills;
  • encourage the highest standards of conduct and ethics and enforce such standards during play;
  • strive to promote a pleasant atmosphere for the enjoyment of the game;
  • the unit board meets monthly to discuss and promote these goals.  Latest approved minutes of the board

Unit Races

MinMckenney 2024 Standings 

MinMckenney 2023 Standings

MiniMckenney 2022 Final Results                                  

The Mini-McKenney free plays are given to the players in each Unit, one per ranking level, who earn the most total master points during the previous year. All “pigmented” points are counted: black, red, silver, gold, platinum  but not points won in on-line games where “colorless” or “unpigmented” points are awarded.

Ace of Clubs 2024 Standings                                                   Ace of Virtual Clubs 2024

Ace of Clubs 2023 Standings                                                   Ace of Virtual Clubs 2023

Ace of Clubs 2022 Final Results

The Ace of Clubs is a certificate given to the players in each Unit, one per ranking level, who earn the most master points in club games during the calendar year. Only black points are counted; points earned in STaCs and other special games paying “pigmented” points don’t count.

The awards are not mutually exclusive; it’s possible to win either or both in the same year. The ranking level you compete in is the one within which you started the year.

Unit Events

All Sunday games are Unit Games and award at least 2x points:

May 21, 2023:  Pro-Am Game:   Partnerships are arranged at the start of the game.  One partner having more points, i.e. the Pro and the other with fewer, the Amateur.

May 28, 2023:  Team Game:  

UNIT 374 Board of Directors

Donna Romm

Bob Zipp

M. Jane Elson

Sue Kelly

Ellen Lyons

Shirley Best

Marc Stone

Mary Strong

Sue Kelly

Treasurer / Regional Chair
Ben Franz

Dave Baglee
Non Voting D17 rep